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John Deere 9870 BETA v1.1 [MP]


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Download John Deere 9870 BETA mod for farming simulator 2013. Free and instant download for any farming simulator mods.

John Deere 9870 BETA mod description:

Here is the beta version of our combine. We have not included any headers as we are still working on the Majority of bugs and scripts. Please report any bugs and specialisations you would like to be added. it currently has only Straw spec Which straw can turn on or off with Key m
Mod is 1:1 Scaled According to the offical manual for this combine, 4.46m From Ground to tank Top3.54m Wide8.38m From Front header attacher to the rear of the front header Combine11.00M front attacher to end-of-pipe in closed position .
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